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OpenText Output Server

OpenText Output Server, the core of the OpenText Output Management Solution suite, enables the reliable delivery of business-critical documents, streamlines business processes and provides real-time notification of device malfunctions or job interruptions. The suite combines Output Server enterprise information delivery software with expert integration, implementation, support and training to help you manage, share and distribute information. With Output Server, you can simplify your print environment, save valuable IT capital and people resources, and deliver business-critical information from virtually any source to any destination across your distributed enterprise.

OpenText Output Server Features

Delivery Manager

Perform enterprise-wide management via a single route to all output devices and receive output from a variety of client sources, and route all requests across the WAN or LAN to the appropriate output queues, with distribution lists for broadcast delivery.

Job and Queue Manager

Automatically convert job formats such as PCL 5, PostScript, TIFF, and others, and maintain both queues and jobs until the target output device is ready. One manager controls different queues (print, fax, Web), and multiple devices per queue. Operators can check delivery authorizations and set queue policy.

Destination Manager

Automatically convert job formats such as PCL 5, PostScript, TIFF, and others, and recognize incoming job formats. Convert an incoming job to an appropriate format for the destination.

Event Manager

Track job status events and output destination status events. Administrators and end users can subscribe to be notified of specified events via graphical display, pager, or email. Easily integrate with popular systems management tools.

Privilege Manager

Ensure control and security of document delivery with authorized job delivery and management. Control output resource access by destination, job attributes, individual or group, and restrict changes to configuration and resources.

Configuration Manager

Simplify administration and eliminate the need for separate client drivers to access each output resource. Use a single-system interface to output management resources, including services, queues, and output destinations—with a common interface for configuring different destination types.

Accounting and Inventory Manager

Simplify administration by maintaining an inventory of all output resources and usage statistics. You can also manage performance, usage, and get assistance with load balancing.

Output Server Web Management Console

Perform web-based tracking and management with the Output Server utility that provides single log-on authentication and access across single and multiple domains.

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