Get even more from your OpenText solutions


Get hands-on, practical experience

We offer education programs for a wide audience, from daily end users to the technical staff who install, configure, and administer our solutions. Our global team of experienced trainers and subject matter experts design and deliver world-class training courses for all of our solutions, allowing you to get hands-on, practical experience via our dynamic education offerings.

We offer flexible, customizable education solutions to accommodate a range of learning styles and customer needs. Our Education Services customers benefit from expert support, decades of experience, and tried-and-tested approaches. You can work with us to create your education roadmap, influence your training content, and pace the delivery of learning with the needs of your organization—to ensure real-world success.

Why training benefits your business and why it matters


Enterprise software helps your business automate processes and increase project efficiencies.


When you invest in training for your team, you equip them with the knowledge they need to get more value.


A well-trained team is key to keeping your project running smoothly, efficiently, and on schedule.


Education can help you lower your TCO and lower your costs for technical support and administration.

Customizable, flexible, and continuous education

We offer a range of different delivery methods. Rather than simply offering "point-in-time" classes, we give you access to a continuous education solution that regularly touches end users. Training can take place in the environment best suited to your organization and learners' needs.

Our flexible delivery options include:

Public training

Our open, public training schedule is available around the globe, delivering lab-based, hands-on experience to keep learning practical for both beginning and advanced students. Students can select to attend in a face-to-face classroom environment or take advantage of VILT sessions (VILT = live, remote instructor-led sessions). VILT enables customers to reduce or eliminate travel and expense costs for geographically dispersed staff.

Customer dedicated

Dedicated on-site: We offer customer-dedicated private training (ILT). Customers may provide training facilities, and our instructors will travel to your chosen site to deliver training. This convenient option is great for customers whose team members are located in the same region.

Dedicated VILT: We offer customer-dedicated private virtual trainings (VILT), to ensure flexible scheduling and reduce or eliminate travel and expense costs for geographically dispersed staff.

Customized training

A detailed Training Needs Analysis can be prepared to build custom training courses to address your unique business needs. We also offer custom eLearning services to meet your business requirements.


Our eLearning is interactive, self-paced, web-based training that gets teams up to speed fast and is available on-demand 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With easy-to-follow instructions, our eLearning emphasizes key learning points and supports your team either as stand-alone training or as a supplement to instructor-led training programs.